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How to Commission Me

I'd love to work with you! To get started, please fill out my commission form, or contact me via email at if you have any questions in advance. You can also reach me via direct message on most social media and art platforms like Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter.

If you message me directly, please don't just start with "Hi!" and leave it at that. Give me some information to work with: type of commission, characters, references, etc., and I'll try to respond as soon as possible.

I accept payments via PayPal and Stripe. While I ask only for partial payment in advance and the rest after completion, please have the full amount ready and available before you commission me.

Please read and accept my terms of service and privacy policy before commissioning me.

You can see my current commission queue at the bottom of this page.


NOTE: Due to increasing costs I will probably have to increase these prices before I open commissions next time.

It's difficult to give fixed prices for 3D characters because details can vary a lot, but you can find some guidelines below. Feel free to contact me if you'd like a more accurate quote!

3D character modeling

Base prices for character modeling and texturing:

  • Charr — 275 €
  • Other anthro characters — 440 €
  • Winged anthro characters — 550 €

These prices also include a simple Blender rig.

I can offer charr models at a reduced price by creating a custom head and combining that with my existing base model. Body proportions can still be adjusted, and you'll always get a full custom-painted texture for your character! Other changes may be possible too - please contact me for details.

SFW only

I do not offer NSFW/adult-rated commissions at the moment.

Outfits & accessories

Armor and clothing is often more complex than the character itself. Expect around 50-100 € per piece, with a full set of typical MMO armor counted as six pieces (helmet, shoulders, gauntlets, chest, legs, boots). The exact price depends on the complexity of each item.

VRChat avatars

Bringing a 3D character into VRChat requires extra work and preparations, such as staying below a 70k polygon limit. Your character also needs visemes (facial expressions), emotes, and other special effects to look great! On average, expect around 100 € for these features.

For the more technical VRChat/Unity-specific parts I am collaborating with a creative partner, and you'll receive a separate invoice from them (usually around 50 €). That price will be deducted from my invoice so you're not paying twice, but please understand that any Patreon discounts will not apply to their invoice.

Rendered scenes

A rendered 3D scene with a simple background is included for free with all character commissions. If you'd like something more complex, please contact me so we can discuss the details.

Patreon discounts

If you support me on Patreon, you'll always get a flat discount on all my commissions at the Legionnaire (5%) or Centurion (10%) tier.

Commission queue

To protect the privacy of my clients, I am not posting any names here, just the type of each project. When you commission me, you'll receive an 8-digit project ID that you can find again below in [square brackets], so you'll know which one is yours.

I try to give time estimates for each project based on complexity, so you can make a rough guess at expected wait times. Please keep in mind that these are optimistic—real life happens, and a "two week" project usually takes a bit longer than that in reality.

  1. VRChat avatar [097a9969] — 1 week
  2. VRChat avatar [87fa706f] — 1 week

Last updated: October 2nd, 2022

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